workshop service management

Workshop Service Management

Workshop Service Management – How can a workshop create a good performance with the concept of a service management workshop? because in the future the automotive industry is actually growing by giving birth to a lot of technology for its users and it certainly requires routine vehicle maintenance services.

For workshop entrepreneurs, of course, establishing this type of business is not easy, a lot of time sacrifices, no small costs for the continuity of this type of workshop business so that it continues to grow and advance.

Then how can a workshop develop well and survive and even be able to add branches to maintain its aftersales service to consumers?


Potential market for domestic R-4 vehicles is supported by the middle class population whose growth in 2012-2020 reached 174% (Ac. Nielsen).

Indonesia is expected to emerge as the largest automotive market in ASEAN in 2019 with 2.3 million vehicles (Frost & Sullivan, 2013).

Expansion Plans for several APM (Brand Holder Agents) in Indonesia:

  1. GM & SAIC, 2017 will produce 150,000 vehicles/year
  2. VW, 2017 will produce 50,000 vehicles/year
  3. Isuzu< /strong>, 2015 inaugurated a new factory with a capacity of 55,000 vehicles/year
  4. Suzuki, in 2015 inaugurated a new factory with a capacity of 100,000 vehicles/year
  5. Mitsubishi, in 2015 inaugurated a new factory with a capacity of 160,000 vehicles/year


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How does the Service Management Workshop work?



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Determining the population is used to determine with certainty the actual state of the market population.

In the Auto Repair Industry, Population means :

Number of Units Outstanding also known as Units In Operations (UIO)

Then how to calculate the population or how to find data about the population?

2. Service Marketing Management

MARKETING is planning transactions/sales based on customer needs or desires → Orienting to customer needs

Things that make consumers come to the workshop :

  1. Maintenance claims
  2. Accident
  3. Strike

Things that make consumers choose certain workshops :

  1. Access
  2. Quality (Service and Repair)
  3. Price

SALES is an effort to ensure transactions/sales of products owned by workshops → Product oriented

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Marketing Concepts

Mastering the 4P Concept :

  1. Product : The quality or types of repairs offered by the Workshop

For example: General in nature, only changing oil, washing workshop

  1. Price : Determined by operating costs and service fees in general workshops
  2. Place : Closely related to access

Promotion : Benefits/solutions offered

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Segmentation        : Who are the customers of the workshop?

Targeting            : To whom will customers be served?

Positioning         : How much do customers think about choosing a workshop?

STP is done with :

  1. Conduct customer retention activities (Existing customer data)
  2. Conduct promotions / service packages
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Workshop service management is the concept of how workshop operations are managed properly and correctly by following several service standards, both SOPs and workshop equipment, all of which are reviewed and corrected in order to create a perfect service in the eyes of customers

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Some of the points and concepts of the service management workshop above are important things for workshop entrepreneurs to create a business that is able to survive and develop well.

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