web development is

Web Development Is Someone Who Understands Character Of Consumer, Are You?

Web development is a person who is able to understand the character of prospective customers, especially consumers who want to build a company website, are you a web development? and are you able to understand what consumers who are still blind to technology want?

The pandemic period that hit Indonesia made many people start changing professions, starting from those who were involved in the conventional world, starting to slowly explore the online and digital world, and one of the professions they enjoyed the most was web development

Instead, many people started trying to learn about building a website, but on the way they experienced a lot of losses, in terms of time and cost. not to mention the cyber criminals who make profits against people who are just starting to understand the business of becoming a web development at least that’s the picture of what is happening in Indonesia, is it the same in your country?

Because being a web developer is not only about understanding how to build a website, but also understanding the character and desires of consumers that make the project run well.

web development is

What you have to prepare

Why should you understand the character of your potential customer?

Because success in attracting the attention of your potential customers is that you yourself are considered the person who understands the desires of consumers the most, especially if your prospective customer is a person who is blind to technology, at least this is what I feel as a web developer, do you feel the same?

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Web development is a profession that is currently mushrooming in Indonesia, many companies are starting to change their business strategies from offline to online, making the web development profession starting to be glimpsed by many people.

Some things you should know are the strategies that we have to do to become a web development, this is my personal experience that might be the material for your thoughts to switch professions to become a web development

Web Development Is How to Build Strategy

  • Of course, you must have the capital to buy at least hosting and a domain that will be the door of information about who we are and what work we have done and successfully make our consumers happy with our work
  • Prepare a lot of premium themes and plugins for those of you who play using CMS WordPress, at least this will be seen by your potential customers, that you have enough preparation to become a web development freelancer
  • Learn about SEO even though it’s not so deep, this will affect consumers who don’t understand the world of websites, you can explain the basics of making a website not just casual, but SEO is important after the job of building a website is complete
  • You have to understand at least a little bit about design, because not all of your potential customers have content that is ready to be published on the website pages that you have built.
  • And most importantly you have to be able to negotiate, because in my country, the profession of being a web development is still not appreciated
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web development is


From the points above, maybe there are many more preparations that we have to prepare because not all web developments have sufficient preparation to face competition in the website business

In Indonesia, very high competition between developers sometimes makes many people cheat, by giving very cheap prices and in the end leaving the project of building a website at will, so that developers who really make a living from the world of web freelancers are seen as bad by potential customers

Is your country experiencing the same thing?

Please leave a comment so that we can have a positive discussion with each other about how to be a good web developer and be appreciated by everyone, both your fellow developers and your customers

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