Hold On! This is the list of the newest cars that will be released in 2021

List of Newest Cars That Will Be Released In 2021

For those of you who can’t stand buying a vehicle, hold on, friend, because in 2021 there will be cool vehicle types with super complete features, ranging from SUV, MPV, CITY CAR types. and other types, here is the list of the newest cars in 2021

  1. Toyota Raize

The pandemic period has not changed the decision for this automotive giant, this time Toyota will try its luck by releasing a small type vehicle but with the aura of an SUV, a vehicle that at first glance looks similar to the old version of the rush type, has a myriad of features at an affordable price, friend.

list of the newest cars

‘Toyota Raize is said to be the new flagship car of the Toyota manufacturer in 2021 for the middle class. Before it was officially launched, this variant was already registered in the Decree of the Minister of Industry Number 169 of 2021 concerning Motor Vehicles with PPnBM for the Delivery of Taxable Goods Classified as Luxury Borne by the Government in the 2021 Fiscal Year.

That is a sign, the Toyota Raize will be cheaper than the normal price because it receives a zero percent PPnBM incentive.

What makes the Toyota Raize somewhat unique is that it is 3,995 mm long, 1,695 mm wide and 1,620 mm high, making it the same size as the Hyundai Venue, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon.

What’s interesting is that the Toyota Raize is under Rush. This indicates that Raize was created to be the younger brother of the car’s older brother.

LED headlights, taillights, fog lights, DRLs, and Audi-like dynamic indicators are also offered by the Toyota Raize. Toyota offers a choice of eight monotone paint colors – white, black, silver, red, beige, yellow, navy and turquoise – along with three dual color shades – silver and black; White and black; and turquoise and black.

2. Daihatsu Rocky

The collaboration between Toyota and Daihatsu continues and creates a new car. The car is also a twin like other cars such as the Avanza-Xenia, Agya-Ayla, Terios-Rush, and Calya-Sigra.

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This time the intimate duet of 2 major automotive manufacturers in Indonesia has given birth to the next twin cars, namely Raize and Rocky.

Even though they are twins, it turns out that the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky have differences as well. Most striking is the front design. Another fact is the price tag of the Toyota Raize is cheaper than the price of the Daihatsu Rocky.

Daihatsu Rocky using a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder turbo engine coded 1KR-VET. Although the capacity is small, the output produced is no less than other cars with 1.5 liter engines without the help of turbo induction. Its power is 98 PS at 6,000 rpm and its peak torque is 140 Nm in the range of 2,400 rpm – 4,000 rpm.

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3. The next latest list of cars is the Nissan LEAF

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia seems to be selling the Nissan LEAF in the near future, this was revealed after the electric car was listed in Permendagri No. 8 of 2020.

The document also states that the Nissan LEAF’s NJKB (Motorized Vehicle Sales Value) reaches IDR 529 million. It also includes the basis for the imposition of a motorized vehicle tax (DP PKB) of Rp555.45 million.

The Nissan LEAF electric car is scheduled to launch in Indonesia in 2021. Previously, this tiny electric car has been marketed in a number of countries in ASEAN such as Thailand and Malaysia. Based on the official Nissan Malaysia website, the Leaf is marketed at a price of 182,263 ringgit, or the equivalent of Rp. 635.5 million (current exchange rate). 1 rm = IDR 3,506). Prices apply on the road without insurance.

In Thailand, the Nissan Leaf is sold at a price of 1,990,000 baht or equivalent to Rp. 925.5 million (current exchange rate of 1 baht = Rp. 465).

The latest Nissan Leaf uses a front-mounted synchronized electric motor producing 80 kW (110 hp) and 280 N m (210 ft lb) of torque, coupled with an 86 lithium ion battery megajoules (24 kW h) of 90 kilowatts (120 hp). These lithium battery cells are air-cooled and coated with a lithium manganate cathode.

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4. The next most recent car list is the Mistusbishi Pajero Facelift

Since its introduction to the Indonesian people in 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has received attention, positive reception and recognition from consumers, media and national institutions. This is evidenced by the total population of Pajero Sport in Indonesia which currently has reached 164,773 units,” said PT Mitsubishi Motors President Director Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) Naoya Nakamura, Tuesday (16/2/2021).

“With all the advantages that are equipped with the New Pajero Sport, we hope that this model will get even better acceptance, as well as being your partner in achieving achievements and dreams as well as going on adventures to live a more vibrant life,” he said. >

PT MMKSI President Director Naoya Nakamura said that Pajero Sport has a long history in Indonesia, more than 12 years. “Pajero Sport has received very good reception in Indonesia,” said Nakamura in a virtual conference, Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

The latest Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is offered in five color options namely Graphite Gray, Deep Bronze, Quartz White Pearl, Sterling Silver and Jet Black Mica.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport occupies the medium SUV segment, competing with a number of rivals such as Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu mu-X, and Nissan Terra. 

The following are the types and prices of the Mitsubishi Pajero  Sport 2021:

Dakar Ultimate 4×4 AT: Rp 733.700.000
Dakar Ultimate 4×2 AT: Rp 624.700.000
Dakar 4×2 AT: Rp 575.700.000
Exceed 4×2 AT:  Rp 517,800,000
Exceed 4×2 MT: Rp 502.800.000
GLX 4×4 MT: Rp 567,800,000

5. The most recent list of cars is the Nissan Terra

This time we discuss the list of the latest cars from the Nissan manufacturer, the Nissan Terra, which was introduced globally in 2018, this three-row SUV carries an on frame body that is based on the same as the Nissan Navara. 

The rival body on frame SUVs include the Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. 

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Currently, peeking from the official Nissan Indonesia website, the price of the latest Nissan Terra in Indonesia is priced from IDR 478.9 million to IDR 680.8 million. 

This latest Nissan car in Tough Design can be seen when it is on-road or off-road but is full of luxurious features in it, besides the interior of the Nissan Terra consists of 3 rows which are quite wide, meaning vehicles that are usually taken off-road. This road can be invited to relax with family



The new Nissan Terra keeps you connected to the world around you through its features where you can make phone calls to listen to music with just the touch of a finger.



It’s not easy to provide comfort for everyone, but it looks like it can be fulfilled if you are inside the Nissan Terra.



In creating cars Nissan has always taken a comprehensive approach to safety.

When braking suddenly, the ABS feature is able to pump the brakes faster than you think, thereby preventing wheel locking and the car can run like before, this feature is also equipped with Brake Assist/Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) which is a system that can detect how much hard the driver makes sudden braking so when that condition occurs the system will brake optimally, this EBD feature is designed to provide additional power to the rear brakes when there is an extra load on the rear cabin.

Wow, so I want to know, my friend, my workshop, ok for those of you who want to spend money on a new car, the list of the latest cars above may be used as a reference to just see the features of the vehicle that you want to pocket.

Hopefully this article on the latest car list that will be released in 2021 is useful, friend, see you in the next article

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