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Auto Salon! What’s the Secret Behind Car Salon Entrepreneurs in Indonesia?

Auto Salon

Auto Salon – 1995 was the year when the internet world was still very common for most of the Indonesian people, especially at that time the quality of the internet itself had not yet reached 3G let alone 4G as it is today, so that information about everything is still quite difficult to access either through the internet, social media or online. gadgets like now.

Information that is spread through the internet that is so fast is really needed by the wider community, especially the automotive world, where there are many secrets about something that the public needs to know but are constrained by the lack of supporting facilities, as well as the secrets of the car salon workshop that I want to discuss. maybe if the internet grew from the 95’s, the secret of this car salon workshop has been reviewed, my friend.

In this article, i will tries to uncover the secret of a car salon workshop which in 1995 began to boom and was in demand by many automotive enthusiasts, especially in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and other big cities in Indonesia.

What is the secret of the auto salon workshop at that time?

Be patient, friend, before we discuss the secrets of a auto salon, you need to know what a auto salon is? and how the workshop manager covered some of the problems of work accidents caused by the use of the wrong drugs.

auto salon

The Story of an Auto Salon in Indonesia

In 1995, there were very few repair shops that provided polishing services, because at that time many workshop owners still didn’t know the ingredients for car polishing, maybe even many secrets of car salon workshops that you didn’t know, so for those of you who have worked in workshops that deal With the beauty and cleanliness of your vehicle, your skills are still highly appreciated if you are recruited by other workshops at that time.

The Auto Salon Workshop is a place where the vehicle is remade like a woman who wants to look beautiful and elegant, from the vehicle body paint, the grille on the vehicle list, engine room, windshield, to the interior of the vehicle cleaned and guaranteed to shine like a new car, So for automotive enthusiasts who like their cars to always look shiny, this polishing service workshop is definitely a favorite place to clean up cleaning matters, especially if the car is included in the lux car category.

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So, what’s the secret of the auto salon workshop?

Okay, let’s discuss one by one the secrets of the auto salon workshop this time

  1. The cost of making materials is not comparable to the selling price of polishing services
    why not comparable? yes, it’s really not comparable, try to imagine making a shiny vehicle with a service price of around IDR 900,000 in the era of the 95s, the cost of materials only requires less than IDR 30,000

Why was it less than IDR 30,000 thousand at that time?

To make super shiny vehicles in the ’95s, only 7 types of main materials were needed, from the need for polishing paint which consisted of 3 steps of materials, cleaning the grille of the vehicle body, cleaning the windshield, polishing vehicle tires, and cleaning the interior space.

When compounding the 7 types of polishing materials, if each made with a size of 1 liter, it will produce 5-7 vehicles with the cost of each material as follows:

• Step 1 polishing materials range from 25 thousand to produce 1 liter of basic ingredients for the initial step of body polishing, meaning that it only costs – + IDR 3,500 for 7 vehicles

• Step 2 polishing material ranges from 18 thousand to produce 1 liter of base material to polish and remove smoke in the initial step, meaning that it only costs – + IDR 2,500 for 7 vehicles

• Step 3 finishing polishing material to make wetlook-looking paint colors in the range of Rp. 45,000 and capable of producing up to 20 vehicles, meaning that it only costs Rp. 2,500

• The descaling material on the vehicle list grille was Rp. 22,000 at that time and was able to produce 15 vehicles, meaning that it only cost -+ Rp. 2,000.

• The following windshield cleaning material with sender carpet is IDR 35,000 and is capable of producing up to 50 vehicles meaning it only costs less than IDR 1000

• The tire polishing material was Rp. 27,000 at that time with a special blend that was able to produce 10 vehicles, meaning that it only needed -+ Rp. 2,700 only.

• Interior cleaning and deodorizers are IDR 36,000 for 10 liters and are capable of producing up to 20 vehicles meaning it only costs -+ IDR 3,600

It’s just a matter of calculating the total cost to make a super shiny car in the ’95s, buddy, it’s a good profit, and if consumers ask about where the ingredients are made, usually at that time the workshop always said the ingredients were formulated from abroad, hahahaha

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Before continuing to discuss the secrets of the next car salon workshop, it’s a good idea for you construction service entrepreneurs who want to avoid VAT bailouts, you can read the article 2 Easy Tips to Avoid VAT Bridging in a Construction Service Business, who knows, it’s useful.

auto salon
  1. Work accidents due to the wrong use of materials often occur but the workshop party is able to cover it up and not be seen by the vehicle owner

In one day, a car salon that is crowded with visitors, there are often mistakes in the use of materials, especially for new employees who don’t ask seniors how to use the right materials, what are the accidents that consumers don’t know about? this is the secret of the second car salon that you should know

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• Vehicle grating descaling material often changes the color of the paint, especially two-tone paint and sometimes even makes the list of vehicles made from aluminum or pernekel look faded, but the repair shop usually covers up the problem by re-pairing it using other materials that are not suitable for use. I’ll let you know the recipe in the next article, bro, hehehe

• Watch out for expensive wheels, never polish them carelessly, why? the car salon material used contains a lot of hydrogen fluoride (HF) to remove scale on the wheels or vehicle grilles, what is this HF material you can find in the wikipedia article, this material is indeed effective for cleaning affairs but will cause quite an effect heavy on the part of the vehicle that is cleaned if you don’t know how to use it properly.

• The dashboard of the vehicle will fade during the interior cleaning process due to improper use or concoction and usually this often occurs in European vehicles and once again the car salon repair shop is able to cover this problem by repairing the dashboard using other ingredients so that it is invisible (invisible). eye )

• Windshields often experience something called oily, because when processing glass polishing again, the repair shop often uses excessive or inaccurate HF material, but this can also be covered by the workshop using other materials to remove oil from the vehicle’s windshield even though it’s actually its only temporary.

Of the 4 problems above, there are still many work error problems that occur, friend, but that does not mean that the problem makes those of you who want to make a shiny car go back slowly, because not all errors occur in all workshops, and the repair shop is able to overcome the problem if it arrives. occur.

  1. Be careful for consumers who have European cars, especially when cleaning the interior ceiling, why? because during the process of cleaning the ceiling, some European vehicles often experience a drop in the ceiling due to the use of excessive materials, it’s fatal that some car brands can’t be returned to their original ceiling condition, so you don’t want the repair shop to replace it, friend.
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This case often occurs in vehicle brands such as BMW, Mercy C Class, and several other European brands, but once again that doesn’t mean that all car salon repair shops don’t understand how to fix the condition of the case, because usually the repair shop owner already knows the trick to fixing down-ceiling cases. .

Now consumers already know more or less the secrets of car salon workshops which are often covered by polishing workshops in the event of a work accident, so when you try to taste this one service, some of the above things should be used as material to be monitored when the workshop workers carry out the polishing process. polish your vehicle.

For those of you who want to try making super-shiny tire polish, you can read this article, bro, who knows it will be useful for you, that’s just adding to your knowledge of how to make tire polish, bro.

auto salon


Basically, a auto salon workshop that already understands the process and materials to open a polishing service will not experience work accidents that are often carried out by employees by providing a good and correct training system.

Work accidents often occur due to the lack of a training system and insight into the materials used, especially if the workshop only opens car salon services because it follows trends so that experience in making materials or how to use them only relies on senior employees.

Perhaps the secret of a car salon workshop for workers who are steeped in polishing and polishing matters is no stranger, especially for those who have worked and known this service since the ’95s.

For those of you who want to try polishing your favorite vehicle yourself, I’m trying to give you 1 reference video for those of you who want to try polishing your own car at home.

Hopefully this article about the secret of the auto salon workshop is useful, friend

In the next article, Mimin will disassemble what drugs are used for car polishing used by some of the biggest polishing workshops in the ’95s, along with the composition of the ingredients.

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