AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808

AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Scanner Based on Android

AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Scanner Based on Android

AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Android-Based Scanner -Hi automotive friends how are your workshops, I hope you sell well and continue to be successful, don’t forget to give your best smile to workshop customers who come to the workshop, even if it’s just a car wash Friend, because smiling is part of worship, speaking of scanners, here we try to review one of the best scanners at an affordable price, namely AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Android-Based ECU Scanner

On this occasion, i will try to review the Android-based scanners that are selling well, friends, namely, scanners that have the function viewer feature. a feature to see the ability of this scanner in diagnosing a problem on the vehicle starting from special functions or displaying data and deleting data that is damaged on the vehicle.

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For the function viewer feature itself, automotive friends must connect this scanner to an internet connection in order to use the available features. what are the steps to use this scanner, let’s see the capabilities of this scanner feature that is selling well

AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808

Here’s how to use AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Scanner Based on Android

  1. First connect the scanner to the internet
  2. Go to the maxicheck menu and look for the functionviewer module then select several options for the tools used today, for example, currently Mimin is using the MX808, next we select the vehicle dropdown that will be used. we check for example the Toyota brand with the choice of type Avanza and the year of the vehicle, it will appear on the scanner screen the features available on the vehicle based on this scanner tool
  3. To check the ecu module of the vehicle, just select the system that will be used. we check, for example, we want to check the engine module, it will show what this scanner can do to repair the damage to the ecu system.
  4. If there is a problem with the vehicle’s ecu function then we can do a reset easily.
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It’s very simple, bro, to be able to read the damage that occurs to the current vehicle ecu, especially if the repair shop has a tool like this scanner

Here is the specification data :

AUTEL MX808 Professional MaxiCheck Car Scanner

AUTEL MX808 Professional MaxiCheck Car Scanner, for Professional Technicians. When you need an ultra-portable device, the MaxiCheck MX808 is the perfect workshop companion. Installed with a fast quad-core processor, the MX808 offers maximum convenience and fast diagnosis. The intuitive user interface makes using the device easier via the 7-inch LCD touchscreen displaying 1024×600 quality.

Features And Reliability Autel MaxiCheck MX808 based on android:

  • Read / clear codes for all available systems
  • Show live data in text, graphics & analog for easy data review
  • Auto VIN technology  can automatically identify the car make, model and year information in a short time
  • Relearn the parking brake pad after replacement
  • Supports IMMO function
  • Supports forced DPF regeneration and adjust the injector
  • Reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS)
  • Reset service mileage and service interval
  • Supports TPMS sensor relearning
  • Supports registration and battery reset
  • Free updates forever

For more details, you can see the review of this android-based AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 Scanner in the following video.


There are many scanner tools that are definitely sold to meet the needs of workshops in order to fix ecu errors on vehicles, AUTEL MaxiCheck MX808 based on android is one of the universal tools that is easy to use and user-friendly, of course, so that fellow workshop partners no difficulty in operating this tool.

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